Buying A Car? Here Are 3 Reasons To Buy Used From a Ford Dealership

From bright banking incentives to added believability and bigger affairs tools, there has never been a bigger time to accede affairs a acclimated car or truck. Not sold? Here are three affidavit to buy acclimated for your next vehicle.

Save Yourself Money

It’s no abstruse that affairs a car acclimated instead of new will save you money, but just how abundant money can you save? Statistics from Kelly Blue Book appearance that in 2015 Americans spent an boilerplate of $33,500 on new cars against just over $20,000 on used. That’s an almost $13,500 in savings.

With affairs new, there is aswell the abrasion factor. As anon as you drive a new car off the lot, its amount drops by several thousand dollars. According to statistics from Consumer Reports, a new car purchased in today’s bazaar will abate to just 54 percent of its aboriginal amount tag afterwards just three years on the road. With acclimated vehicles, such abrasion is a rarity, authoritative trade-ins and sales aback to the dealership added economically viable.

Get A Reliable (And Better) Vehicle

Going the acclimated avenue can chargeless up assets and acquiesce you to buy a bigger and added reliable vehicle. The account is simple: if you save by affairs your car used, you can put that added money appear a bigger accomplish or model. If you do your homework, the amount should be about even – and in the connected run, the investment will acceptable abatement in your favor. By allotment a better-made model, your acclimated car will acceptable abide the new, beneath reliable alternative. Plus, with the lifespan of today’s cars at an best high, even cars with several years on the alley can be a complete investment. According to a 2015 analysis by IHS Automotive, the boilerplate age of cars on US anchorage has accomplished 11.5 years, with estimates bulging a connected access in lifespan. For acclimated car buyers, this is acceptable news. The acclimated car is no best a acting fix, but a reliable another to affairs new.

Vehicle History Letters and CPO Programs: The Future of Acclimated Car Buying

Today’s certified pre-owned (CPO) programs added agreement that if you buy used, you get a reliable car in abundant condition. Since a growing amount of new car drivers today accept to charter their cars rather than buy them, dealerships civic accept abundant inventories of CPO trade-ins to buy. New car leases about absorb 3-year affairs with restrictions based on action and mileage, which beggarly if they barter in their cars they are still in accomplished condition.

Whether you are affairs a CPO archetypal or a car from the approved acclimated car dealership, the prevalence of car history letters through online casework makes it easier than anytime to acquisition a reliable acclimated vehicle. Enter the automobile’s Car Identification Amount (VIN) and accumulate admired advice about its history and registration. A dealership will be blessed to abetment you with this process. With today’s tools, you will be able to acquisition a high-quality acclimated car faster than ever.